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Manage your website on your own

The QuickSITE is much loved by our large clientele mainly because it could be easily managed even without any web designing knowledge. We give you a panel through which you could easily manage the contents of your website. It's fun, easy and time saving. Your website no longer has to suffer with outdated in appropriate information. With the self manageable CMS you can update images & texts anywhere at any time.

Your level of knowledge regarding web designing and development is not an issue at all. This user-friendly panel is designed to be used by beginners and in case you need some extra support it comes to you with a manual as well.
A QuickSITE does not only have amazing development features but also gives you secure email solutions. You don't have to pay extra to get emails under your domain name. Gone are the days that you had to delete emails due to limited space or couldn't send or receive attachments.
With our emails you no longer have such restrictions. They are
  • Web based compatible
  • POP 3 compatible
  • & IMAP compatible

Social media Network integration

Most of you by now have fan pages in Facebook, Youtube and other social network websites. The Quicksite enables you to connect all web visitors to those pages.
Yes you read it right! A QuickSITE comes with a system that sends notifications to your mobile when a visitor has contacted you through your QuickSITE. There can be times when you are too busy and do not have the time to check your emails. But there might be some to-be customer's email that might need urgent attention. The mobile notification application comes in hand in such times. Whenever you receive an inquiry through the contact us page in your website, an automated SMS will be sent to your mobile informing you about the query. Click here to if you mobile service provider is supported.

Supported Mobile Service by Country

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Google Apps Compatible

By having a panel that is Google Apps compatible, you are entitled to a galore of benefits that Google apps offers. It includes the facility to monitor the performance of your website in the search engines. You will be able to see real time information on how many people have visited your website and graphical illustrations on its performance..
Over the recent past many websites have suffered losses due to illegal hacking operations done by hackers' worldwide. Your website is the impression of your brand & we know that it's crucial to have it up and running 24/7. Our hosting servers guarantee 100% security leaving no room for any 3rd party intrusions.

Over the past years we have not received any complaints regarding the stability of a QuickSITE. Therefore worry less, your online corporate image is in safe hands!
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